Arvari Affiliate Program


Many of our enthusiastic students have asked us for a way for them to help spread the word about our life-changing Training Systems the internet and all over the world.

We are very happy to announce that Arvari has come up with the best way we feel this can be done to the mutual benefit of both you and the Academy:

The Arvari Affiliate Program

By signing up and becoming an affiliate you will be helping us reach more of an ever-growing worldwide community: People looking for ways to greatly improve the quality of their lives by mastering powerful methods that would help decrease the constant daily stress bombardment due to our modern lifestyle and regain the ability to make their dreams come true by getting:

  • the quality of health they crave for,
  • the business they always dreamed of,
  • the career or promotion they seek,
  • the wealth they want to fulfill their dreams,
  • the love, relationships, attention and respect they deserve.

The powerful and scientifically proven techniques used for 30 years by US and foreign intelligence agencies, commonly known as Remote Viewing (Psychic espionage), and the offshoot Remote Influencing Course (remote thought influencing) which Mr. Gerald O'Donnell developed, have proven in countless field experiments that the superpowers of the mind can easily be tapped in order to make these dreams come true. Remote Viewing greatly enhances the naturally inborn ability to tap the subconscious mind in order to become extremely intuitive and aware of places and events, no matter how distant in time and space they are.

Remote influencing allows you to become a Master at generating your own fate and future and not be subject anymore to and enslaved by the general "system" and mass consciousness.

We feel that the combination of these two training systems is an explosive revolution in Human evolution which, if fully applied by many, could radically transform the make up and future of our societies in ways that would be highly beneficial to all.

Anybody interested in developing their natural inborn psychic powers, and experience a quantum jump in their consciousness awareness, will greatly benefit from doing the training systems of the Academy. By becoming more independent in their thinking they also learn to manifest a better reality and a brighter future for themselves and for the benefit of all mankind. And as we believe in abundance for all, you will get financially rewarded for the sales made by your referrals.

How the Arvari Affiliate Program Works

It's simple. Sign up below to the Arvari Affiliate Program. Allow up to one business day to be approved. Once approved you'll receive your unique affiliate link. When someone click on your link via your website, email, or any other means, you'll receive:

  • 30% commission on every sale of our every product directly referred by you

This means that:

  • If your referral orders The Portal Training Course, you make:
    30% of $174 = $52.20

We will pay affiliates on the 21st of each month. For security reasons, you need to have already accumulated over $100 in affiliate commissions for us to pay you the first batch of commissions. We sincerely appreciate your efforts in helping us reach many more individuals around the globe and help a Global awakening to our inner powers and true mission. You are part of our ever-expanding family of Mind explorers and we will do all we can to help you help us achieve our goal for a better and more prosperous happy connected world! Thank you and happy thoughts your way!

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